Welcome to JBP. . .

Items viewed here can be ordered using the order form available on-line, by telephone, or by requesting our brochures and mailing your order with payment. To quickly print out or to request our free brochure, click on the Catalog link in the page footer.

If you are not already familiar with JBP from our local and national gay and lesbian advertising, you should know that we have been crafting fine jewelry for not only our own store, but also for more than 200 gay and lesbian owned (or "friendly") stores around the world since 1983. We have exhibited at many Gay and Lesbian Pride and Rainbow Festivals, Gay and Lesbian Rodeos, Gay and Lesbian Pride, Rainbow and Business Expos, Gay and Lesbian Wedding Showcases, Gay and Lesbian Pride and Rainbow Street Fairs and other special Gay and Lesbian Pride and Rainbow Events (Leather Pride, Bear Pride, Dina Shore and White Party Palm Springs weekends, etc.).

We are sure you'll be happy with your purchase, but always know that if for any reason you are not completely satisfied (sometimes a simple photograph cannot capture every aspect of an item) you can return the merchandise with 30 days for a full refund if its cost.

While you are perusing our literature, please keep in mind that we do have photographs of more than 2,500 designs for your selection (rings - as well as pendants, bracelets, piercings and charms) and we would be pleased to mail additional brochures to you upon request. To see new items and many selections not printed in our catalog, be sure to visit "What's Hot" on our website. Some of our lines include:

  • Diamond Commitment rings for men and women (but please give us some idea of your budget; prices range from under $200 to over $5,000!). Some include Gay and Lesbian Pride and Rainbow themes.
  • Designer gold bands starting from $49 - in dozens of combinations of widths, weights, patterns and colors of gold. Many are 'traditional', but many feature Gay and Lesbian Pride and Rainbow themes.
  • Innovative watches, from traditional to hi-tech. Again, many feature Gay and Lesbian Pride and Rainbow themes.
  • Chains and bracelets in more than 200 styles - from anchor links to ID's to dolphins.
  • Gold, silver, diamond and other earrings - from hoops to studs to handcuffs! Again, many featire Gay and Lesbian Rainbow and Pride themes.
  • Rings, pendants, charms and piercings ("exotic body jewelry") with almost any theme imaginable: western, leather, professions, zodiac, alphabet/personalized, etc.
  • We have entire collections featuring Bear Pride and Leather Pride items.
  • Gold rings with inlaid stone - black onyx, malachite, turquoise, lapis, gray onyx, Australian opal, sugilite (purple), rhodonite (pink), mother of pearl - with and without diamond accents.
  • Gay and Lesbian Pride jewelry featuring a wide assortment of rainbow, triangle, lambda, labrys and other themes, Everything from cufflinks/studs to earrings and bracelets. Our rainbow rings start at $20.
  • Don't forget about custom pieces for very little extra - perhaps you saw a picture in a magazine, or would like a ring duplicated for your other half. Always feel free to ask us about new items which are not yet in our catalogs, or click here.

All of our work is hand crafted to your specifications, with a full guarantee of both satisfaction and value (our pieces generally appraise for 50-100% higher). We cast in many alloys of gold (including 14k and 18k - white and/or yellow and/or pink) as well as in silver, platinum, and other metals. We use only the finest quality colored gemstones and minerals, and we hand select all diamonds to be far superior to those which you could find in most jewelry stores; for those who are knowledgeable on the subject, we generally use G-H color / VS quality, while most stores do not even come close.

Because of our low overhead and many years of experience in developing relationships with suppliers, we can offer our superior quality at significantly lower prices; we even offer a Lay-Away Plan for up to 12 months. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Please do not hesitate to write or call us with any questions you may have.